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New Zealand Australia |6 junio, 2021

Milk | Kiwis fume after Aussie man’s bizarre NZ drink claim

Kiwis have been left scratching their heads after someone from overseas claimed a rather weird drink combination was a «common thing» in New Zealand.

Thomas Nhuyen from Australia took to social media to highlight how his boyfriend mixes Pepsi and milk together.

In a rather eye-opening tweet, he claims it’s a Kiwi delicacy.

«So I brought my boyf a Pepsi Max and a glass of milk in bed, before watching in horror as he mixed the two to form a ‘brown cow’, an apparent common thing in NZ,» he wrote alongside a photo of the brown liquid.

A brown cow drink is a cocktail made with Kahlúa liqueur and milk.

But this punter’s version of a brown cow has not gone down well with Kiwis, with hundreds piling in claiming the mix is a «monstrosity» among other descriptions.

«I say this as a New Zealander. What. And I cannot say this loudly enough. The f**k. Is that monstrosity?» one wrote.

«I’m from New Zealand and I have never heard of this s**t, this some farm boy stuff,» a second said.

A third added: «Am a Kiwi. That’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen in my life.»

The tweet even made it on to the BBC website where they claim Kiwis have some explaining to do.

«We have been alerted to this tweet,» the BBC wrote.

«It is quite frankly, one of the worst things I have ever seen. New Zealanders have a lot of explaining to do.»

Thomas even ran a poll, asking if Pepsi and milk is «yum» or whether it is «Gross (Kiwis are weird)».

Of more than 4600 votes, 90 per cent said the drink mix was gross.

He then went on to reveal another of his partner’s weird mixes.

«I’ve learnt today that I’m dating a psycho. My texts with my bf’s sister (who lives in NZ). Milk and tomato sauce oh my fucking god.»

Thomas’ boyfriend’s sister confirmed Pepsi and milk «is not a thing» and claimed he had been drinking that mix since he was a kid.

More Kiwis weighed in on the mix, standing up for New Zealand.

«I’m dubious he is even a Kiwi. It sounds like the kind of sick debauchery that goes on in the outback of Oz. Check his passport.

«I’ve been away from New Zealand for about 17 years but I can say with absolute conviction this is NOT a thing,» they said.

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