Lactalis Canada is partnering with Canadian milk replacer manufacturer Mapleview Agri to support B.C. dairy farmers recovering from the recent flood disaster.
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They are providing a joint donation of 24,500 kilograms of calf nutrition to help support dairy farms.

In collaboration with the Dairy Farmers of Canada, Summit Calf Solutions and Abbotsford B.C.-based Ritchie-Smith Feeds, 1,225 bags of donated premium milk replacer will be delivered to B.C. dairy farms in need mid-January, providing nourishment for approximately 500 calves for over two months.

“Dairy farms and farmers in British Columbia have been incredibly hard hit by the severe flooding that occurred late last year and the subsequent effects of this devastating event, including supply chain disruption impacting food availability for animals,” says Mark Taylor, president & CEO, Lactalis Canada. “While many B.C. dairy farmers continue the difficult road to rebuild, Lactalis Canada is pleased to join forces with Mapleview Agri, the Dairy Farmers of Canada, Summit Calf Solutions and Ritchie-Smith Feeds to offer some relief to impacted B.C. dairy farmers through this partnership.”

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