Residents of the Lakshadweep islands boycotted an auction of dairy animals which was set to take place in Lakshadweep islands as part of closing down government run dairy farms on Thursday.
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Lakshadweep Youth Congress President Ali Akbar said that the auction was boycotted as the administration decided to close down dairy farms as part of opening Amul outlets in the islands. “We are not against bringing Amul products but against the administration’s decision to close down dairy farms. The auction was boycotted as a mode of protest. Once the government run farms are closed down, private individuals would also stop dairy farming as bringing feed from the mainland would become difficult,” said Akbar.

An all-party meeting was held in Lakshadweep on Thursday to discuss the existing situations in the isles. Leaders of all major political parties in Lakshadweep met online and decided to form a core committee to coordinate future actions regarding the new laws set to be implemented in the islands.

Meanwhile, Akbar said that Youth Congress activists at Kilthan burned collector Asker Ali in effigy after he referred to the island in a press conference in Kochi while talking about the drug problem in Lakshadweep.

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