U.S. milk production jumped again in September, thanks to increases in cow numbers and output per cow — but there’s more to the report than meets the eye.
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Dairy Farmers of Ontario launches Everybody Milk campaign that celebrates our collective love of milk

The Agriculture Department’s latest data shows output at 18.28 billion pounds, up 1.5% from September 2021. The 24-State total, at 17.5 billion pounds, was up 1.6%. It is the third monthly increase in 2022 and revisions raised the 50-State August total by 15 million pounds to 19.03 billion, up 1.7% from a year ago instead of the 1.6% originally reported.

Cow numbers were expected to rise but the September herd totaled 9.41 million, down 2,000 head from August numbers, which were revised 14,000 head lower. The September herd was up 6,000 from a year ago, the first time since September 2021 the herd size was above a year ago, but it was 8,000 less than the peak in May.

The quality rating of domestic dairy products has remained above 99 percent for six consecutive years, experts said at a webinar.

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