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India |30 marzo, 2021

Dairies | MC to shift dairies out of city by August-end

Residents complain about discharge of dairy waste into drains, overflowing sewers.

While complaints regarding discharge of dairy waste into city’s drains continue to flood the Municipal Corporation (MC) office, the local body is yet to shift the dairy farmers out of the city under its new project.

The MC, under its new project, has decided to shift all the dairies within the city to Ablowal village by August-end.

The city’s drains are often choked due to discharge of dairy waste with sewage overflowing onto the streets.

The most affected areas include Khalsa Mohalla, Chhoti Baradari, Nabha Gate, Jatta Wala Chontra, Lakkar Mandi and Sanauri Adda.

Residents said they have been complaining to the MC regarding the menace since long.

“There is a dairy in my neighbourhood. The owners throw garbage and dairy waste into the drain which causes so much inconvenience to the people living in the area,” said a Jattan Wala Chontra resident.

Another city resident, showing a photograph of the waste lying out in the open, said, “The sewerage in the area remains blocked due to disposal of dairy waste. Municipal Corporation workers come and clear the choked drain but they leave the waste in the open. Today we complained to senior officials of the MC after which the issue was resolved.”

Meanwhile, Senior Deputy Mayor Yoginder Singh Yogi, whose area is the most affected, said, “We have given an ultimatum to all dairy owners to shift the dairies by August 31. Else, we will start imposing fines on them.”

“Of the 16 dairy owners in my area, 14 have deposited the earnest money. In total, 46 owners from across the city have deposited the 5 per cent earnest money to begin work on their plots. More people are expected to deposit the money and begin the work. The work will be carried out as per the plan for the benefit of city residents,” said Yogi.

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