Armor Protéines reinvents milk with Milk Balls innovation. These dairy crunchy balls are rich in protein and calcium, gluten-free and low in fat.
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Their milk taste, nutritional properties equivalent to skimmed milk and crunchy texture give our Milk Balls key advantages in biscuit, bar and chocolate applications. They can even be used in savory recipes, particularly with crushed Milk Balls for 100% dairy breadcrumbs.

What are our Milk Balls’ key points of differentiation?

Milk Balls are an alliance of:
• A great milk taste that fits into savory and sweet food matrices
• An incredible crispiness, using Milk Balls as is or in the crushed version as breadcrumbs
• Nutritional benefits naturally given by 100% dairy ingredients: rich in calcium and protein, low in fat

Who should use our innovation Milk Balls?

For everyone seeking to capitalize on nutritional benefits and a great milk taste, our Milk Balls provide an innovative texture that is incredibly crunchy, perfect to make your future innovations unique.

If you are manufacturing bakery, chocolate, or confectionary products or working in catering, meat products or ice cream, our Milk Balls offer you an innovative solution for your various applications.

Feel free to contact us for more information, we will be very happy to answer your questions and discuss your needs!
Contact Marine Calbrix – Marketing Product Manager –
Or by filling the form at this link:

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