It started with a tweet by Namanbir Singh who noticed that at the back of his milk packet from Country Delight were some details about the company. "Founded by IIM alumni" the highlight read.
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Most Twitter users believed that the company owner wanted to use his college degree to sell the product. (Image credit: @realNamanbir/Twitter)

Twitter on Sunday woke up to a packet of milk and a question — what’s the point of printing the founder of the milk company’s alma matter on the packet?

It started with a tweet by Namanbir Singh who noticed that at the back of his milk packet from Country Delight were some details about the company. “Founded by IIM alumni” the highlight read.

Singh later added, “To clarify, no hate for the company or their products. But trust should be build on the basis of quality, not college tags.”

But, by then the tweet had gone viral, sparking memes. Most Twitter users believed that the company owner wanted to use his college degree to sell the product.

“The IIM stands for “Indian Institute of Milking my IIM degree till the day I die,” tweeted comedian Aditi Mittal. “Moses went up on the hill and came back with carved stone tablets and instead of the 10 commandments it just said “I am an IIT/IIM grad” 10 times.”

Twitter user Hari B Kurup commented, “Totally milking their degree.” Another user Chitranjan Agarwal tweeted, “To add creditability to the milk, which may otherwise not be so credible?”

Income tax officer Vikas Prakash Singh said, “The problem lies more with the people who value such tags so much, thereby creating a need for founders to advertise it. It even impacts startup fundings, let alone purchase decision for a milk packet.”

Here are a few more reactions on Twitter:

The company was founded by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal in 2015.  Kaushal graduated from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore in 2007.

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