Michigan dairy farmers share milk’s cool message with action sports athlete
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This summer, the United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM) team connected with nearly 500 skateboarders near Grand Rapids, Michigan, to share the great way milk helps skateboarders refuel and keep their bodies at the top of their game.

Seeking new ways to relate to these dairy consumers, UDIM set up a Bones Love Milk pop-up skate shop with an on-site Milkologist to concoct cool refueling beverages<src=”https: mail.hoards.com=”” owa=”” 14.3.513.0=”” themes=”” resources=”” clear1x1.gif”=”” border=”1″ width=”347″ height=”243″> and offered fun giveaways while skate, bike and BMX tricks flipped at the park.

“The free community event, and others like it, offer dairy farmers a springboard into the Gen Z action-sports community and lifestyle,” says Sharon Toth, UDIM CEO. “UDIM is excited to take milk’s incredible message to this audience.

“As part of the Bones Love Milk program, we help these athletes understand the skateboard under their feet isn’t going to push itself,” she adds. “It’s a great opportunity to share that milk is a natural source of the proteins and nutrients to support overall health and keep athletes like themselves operating at peak performance.”

Finding new audiences for milk

The Bones Love Milk program, started by the California Milk Processor Board and adapted by UDIM, is a partnership with snow and skateboarding organizations to help establish milk as the cool drink for shredders and is based on a simple idea: the sports you love require the body you have.

UDIM builds on that idea to share with these action-sport athletes that milk is naturally delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable. Not only does milk do the obvious (help keep bones strong), but it also provides energy, protein and hydration to help while riding.

The UDIM team is working with the Michigan Girls Shred organization to provide Bones Love Milk skateboard and nutrition information to members. The program is also participating in Shred Clinics with the Detroit Pistons.

“The goal is to develop Gen Z milk ambassadors who share the positive message of dairy with their friends. Bones Love Milk and Michigan dairy farmers show these athletes dairy not only fits their lifestyle, it fuels it,” says Toth.</src=”https:>

About the United Dairy Industry of Michigan

The United Dairy Industry of Michigan (UDIM) is dedicated to serving Michigan’s hard-working dairy farm families and promoting Michigan’s locally produced dairy products. UDIM is the umbrella organization for the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council of Michigan. These non-profit organizations provide dairy product promotion and nutrition education services on behalf of their funding members.

Last month, 14 of our dairy farms in Maine, as well as dozens of dairy farms across northern New England, got an unexpected and disappointing notice from Danone of North America saying that they were discontinuing their contracts with our organic dairy farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and elsewhere.

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