Milk, the first source of food for mankind and a true trendsetter, has been drunk since before agriculture existed. Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Sumerian mythology valued it as the "Food of the Gods".
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17 things milk has to offer: What you already knew and what you had no clue about
  1. Milk was already consumed 11,000 years ago:

Milk consumption dates back to 11 thousand years ago, when the domestication of livestock began, in the Middle East. The first domesticated animal was the aurochs, an ancestor of the cow, followed by the goat and sheep around 9000 and 8000 BC.

2. The composition of milk is 80% water.

80% of milk is water, that is why, and because it remains in the body longer than other beverages, it is a great source of hydration, for life and in sports. The remaining 20% of its content is composed of lactose, vitamins A, D, B complex and minerals.

3. To sleep like a baby

Those of us who are parents know that babies sleep less and lighter than we would have expected! We all relate the placidity of a child’s sleep with fast, deep, long and long sleep. The truth is that a glass of milk helps us sleep well, because it contains tryptophan, which is involved in the production of serotonin and puts us in a good mood and relaxes us.

17 things milk has to offer: What you already knew and what you had no clue about

4. Milk as a first course

In the best of cases, and for 6 months, the first food a human being receives is breast milk. When this is not possible, there are formula milks, which are prepared to cover all nutritional needs, in addition to ensuring a strong immune system. For babies allergic to cow’s milk, donkey milk formula is prepared.

5. Cleopatra was not allergic, but she chose donkey milk and that was the secret of her beauty.

The Egyptians and Greeks, who were the first to give a cosmetic use to milk, for its moisturizing, revitalizing properties, for giving softness to the skin, and with all this, a more youthful appearance. It is said that Cleopatra, beautiful and intelligent, beautified herself with donkey milk baths.

6. More beauty secrets, but from here

Micellar water? We milk fans remove our makeup with a mixture of powdered milk, warm water and almond oil. So while the skin is cleansed, it is hydrated and enriched with antioxidants and fatty acids from the milk.

7.And when it comes to soothing the skin … milk

Insect bites and mild sunburns can be treated by applying a paste of cold milk, which will create a protective film and soothe the skin’s discomfort.

8.What we drink when we drink milk

Real milk has a short list of ingredients, it is simply milk. The beverages that at all costs bid to appropriate its name, yes, those vegetable alternatives, contain more than 10 additional ingredients, including salt, sugar, stabilizers, and emulsifiers.

9.We can choose with peace of mind

All milks, whether whole, whole milk, low-fat, lactose-free or organic, offer the same nutritional content: 9 vitamins and minerals and eight grams of high-quality protein. Whatever our choice may be, according to our needs, we can be sure that we will find the right milk for our needs.

All milks, authentic, whole, low-fat, lactose-free or organic, offer us the same nutritional content: 9 vitamins and minerals and eight grams of high quality protein. Whatever our choice, according to our needs, we will be covered.

10. It is a myth that lactose intolerant people cannot consume dairy products.

Lactose is the natural sugar in milk and the most important brands offer it, we can find it in any market. But people with lactose intolerance can also consume other dairy products such as hard cheeses, skimmed yogurt, Greek yogurt or Cheddar cheese without any problem.

11. The best nutrition at the lowest possible cost

Milk offers more nutritional benefits for the least amount of money than almost any other beverage you can buy.

12. Does it sting?

The burning in your mouth from eating too much spicy food can be lessened by drinking milk. The fats in milk help dissolve capsaicin, the active component in hot peppers.

13. The itch goes away, but the stains?

Ink stains are the worst, but if you soak your clothes in milk overnight, and then put them in the washing machine, the milk enzymes will have removed them.

14. And while we’re washing clothes, let’s make the cutlery shine.

Cutlery that has been stored for a long time loses its luster, and a bath of sour milk, cut with citrus or vinegar, in the best Cleopatra style, after soaking, rinsing and drying, will leave it shining like new.

15. Plants love it!

Spray your plants with water mixed with a little milk. This recipe will kill fungus, mildew and leave them with a lustrous luster.

16. The creation of our galaxy

Greek mythology tells the story of the origin of the Milky Way and says that when the goddess Hera was nursing her son Herakles, he bit her so hard that a jet of milk shot out into the cosmos, creating our galaxy.

17. Dairy consumption is good for you

Period and that’s the end of it. There is nothing better than milk.

See you next time!

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