Pulling a pint used to be a phrase synonymous with beer, but the Invercargill Licensing Trust’s new hotel, The Langlands, is going one step further with milk on tap.
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The Langlands general manager Brian Townley said when the team looked at the economics of installing a milk tap compared with using plastic-bottled milk, it was a “no-brainer”.

“It’s a quick, clean and really easy system.”

Southland-owned and operated Farm Fresh Milk would provide 18-litre refillable containers which would supply the tap and could be switched out in a similar manner to beer kegs.

Mr Townley also contracted Black Shag Boutique Cafe, the first and only other Southland business to install the milk-on-tap system, to supply its Mint roasted coffee brand to the hotel.

The milk would be mainly used in espresso coffees but, once the hotel opened, would be put into small containers to supply the guest accommodation.

Mr Townley said using whole milk in their coffee meant guests experienced a better quality drink.

The bulk supply milk kegs were a much more environmentally friendly option when compared to the thousands of 2L plastic milk bottles they would use in a year, required less storage space and were fully recyclable.

Farm Fresh Milk owner/operator Logan Johnson said Farm Fresh was the only supplier in the lower South Island which had the milk-on-tap system available.

The bulk supply system used 30% less space than single-use plastic bottles in crates.

The milk, which comes from his own herd, was not highly processed.

There were plans to add light milk and cream to the list of available products.

National Dairy Council (NDC) is in rare territory as a century-old organization that has created an enduring reputation with consumers and across the health and wellness community.

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