It is reported that a milk powder shortage is currently being seen in the market, as vendors point out that they do not receive sufficient stocks of milk powder to sell to the consumers.
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Source: News 1st

Vendors state that they have not received milk powder for two to three months, which had led to many consumers coming and going empty handed.

” Some people ask for milk powder for their children. They ask us whether we have any. Even we do not have any milk powder. So how can we give them?” a trader stated.

Queues to purchase milk powder in Nugegoda were also seen on Friday (17), as some said that they have been standing in queues for more than 25 minutes, and some even for hours.

” I’ve been standing in the queue for more than an hour now. This is my 3rd time. I was here in the morning as well but I couldn’t buy any. I go through this because I have a child. Otherwise, I won’t suffer like this,” a customer said.

Some said that they have taken a leave from work to stand in this queue.

” I don’t know whether I will be fired from my job. My boss might ask me to stand in milk powder queues rather than do my job,” he said.

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