Experts warn that the cost of dairy products like milk and cheese could be about to skyrocket as farmers have no choice but to pass on their own rising bills to shoppers
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Yet another cost is about to rise (Image: Bloomberg via Getty Images

The cost of milk could soon rise by more than 50%, experts warn – meaning Brits could soon pay 80p not 60p for a pint.

A ‘tsunami’ of rising farming costs has been blamed for this, with experts listing steep increasesin fuel, fertiliser and animal feed.

Much of this is due to the ongoing warstarted by Russia against Ukraine.

The upshot is that the price of four pints of milk could rise from £1.15 to between £1.60-£1.70, according to UK’s dairy adviser Kite Consulting.

A typical pack of butter could increase from £1.55 to more than £2.

John Allen, of Kite Consulting, said milk prices had been low for 30 years and that was now “coming to an end”, the Telegraph reported.

He added: “What is of concern at present is processors are getting inflationary costs as well and also we are short of milk around the world.”

Fonterra says the outlook for dairy is positive, and the co-operative has released an upbeat forecast for its full-year profit.

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