After running below year ago levels from January through June, milk production was 0.5% above a year ago in July and 1.6% in August.
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Source: Wisconsin State Farmer

Over half of the 24 reporting states recorded higher August milk production than a year ago. The increase in milk production was due to more milk cows and improved milk per cow.

Milk cow numbers had increased from 9.367 million head in January to 9.419 million in May but fell to 9.415 million in June only to increase back to 9.419 million in July and to 9.427 million in August. August cow numbers were still 11,000 or 0.1% below a year ago. August milk per cow was a strong 1.7% above a year ago.

August milk production compared to a year ago amongst each of the five leading dairy states was higher by 2% in California, 1.1% in Wisconsin, 2.5% in Idaho, 8.9% in Texas and 2.0% in New York.

California, Idaho, and Texas had more milk cows than a year ago, but cow numbers were lower in Wisconsin and New York. Milk production in South Dakota continues to run strong up 14.5%. Some states with significant decline in cow numbers had lower milk production. Florida’s milk production was 10.4% lower with 11,000 fewer milk cows, New Mexico 3.3% lower with 24,000 fewer milk cows and Michigan 1.5% lower with 15,000 fewer milk cows.

China’s dairy imports have slowed amid rolling Covid lockdowns and a weakening economy that has many analysts slashing their 2022 and 2023 economic growth estimates for the country.

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