The spot cheese markets once again saw great volumes trade during Thursday’s session.
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Milk values in Class III printed green on Thursday (Farm Journal)

Block cheese lost 2.25 cents while moving 9 loads and settling out at $1.58/lb. Barrel cheese added a quarter cent to a closing price of $1.6275 with 12 loads moving and 11 uncovered offers left hanging in the market. Butter gained 1.25 cents on a single trade and finished at $1.8675/lb. Grade A nonfat dry milk closed unchanged at $1.3025. Whey rose a half cent to $0.645/lb.

Milk values in Class III printed green on Thursday. Most months rallied around 3-8 cents/cwt higher from May 2021 through the end of the year. June is now pricing out at a value of $18.34/cwt while the second half average is $19.125/cwt. Class IV trade went the opposite route as futures in second half 2021 fell double digits in many months. The second half average sits at $17.76/cwt.

The grain complex watched corn turn around a bit as the July spot price added 6 cents while new crop December was up 13 at $5.52/bu. Soybeans declined 5 cents on the spot market and new crop dropped 1.5 cents/bu. Meal values ranged from a buck higher to $2/ton lower across calendar years 2021 and 2022. Wheat softened in all three complexes as the Kansas City wheat tour is reporting big yields.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has teamed up with Calon Wen, and wants other dairy farms to join in.

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