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Countries China Ukraine |1 julio, 2016

Sections | Milkiland starts delivery of milk powder to China

Milkiland-Ukraine, a subsidiary Milkiland dairy group with assets in Ukraine, Russia and Poland, has signed the first contract and started deliveries of dry dairy products to China, according to the company’s website.

«This contract is only the first step of our group to the promising and growing market of dairy products in China. We will continue our efforts to find new customers and establish a distribution network in the country,» Milkiland-Intermarket CEO Serhiy Kiseliov said.

Earlier five production companies controlled by Milkiland-Ukraine, including Romny Dairy Plant, Ros, Mena Cheese, Prometei, have passed relevant examination and got permit to export cheese and different types of dry milk products to China from the Chinese certification and accreditation authority.

In general, China provided 18 Ukrainian dairy enterprises (owned by Milkiland, Milk Alliance, Terra Food, Cheese Club, Dubnomoloko) with access to its market.

Milkiland is one of the five largest producers of dairy products in the markets of Ukraine and Russia.

Source: Interface-Ukraine
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