Union sets aside ₹2.3 crore for the purpose.
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Milma has decided to increase remuneration for dairy farmers in the Malabar region from February 2022.

The 32nd annual general body meeting of the union on Saturday decided that dairy farmers should get at least ₹1 per litre additionally based on the quality of milk. The union has set aside ₹2.3 crore for the purpose, said Milma Malabar Regional Union chairman K.S. Mani in a press release. Milma collects 7.6 lakh litres of milk in Malabar daily. Its sister concern, Malabar Rural Development Foundation (MRDF), will give a discount of ₹50 paise per kg for hay and ₹1 per kg of maize powder to dairy farmers. When most sectors crumbled in the aftermath of COVID-19, the milk manufacturing sector in north Kerala managed to stay afloat. Moreover, milk production increased during the period, as more people started venturing into dairy farming as a sustainable vocation during the pandemic.

The Union noted that there was 10% rise a day in the amount of milk collected in the Malabar region.

A total of 1,136 members from six northern districts attended the meeting which was chaired by Mr. Mani

Warrnambool dairy farmer Bernie Free has emerged as the new UDV president, following a torrid year for the dairy body which has seen an exodus of members to join a breakaway representative body.

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