A proposed new single whole-of-industry national dairy organisation has met with mixed reaction from industry representatives.
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PRECIPICE: Joint Transition Team chair Shirley Harlock says dairy is at a precipice.

But chair of the Australian Dairy Plan Joint Transition Team that put the proposal together Shirley Harlock has pleaded with organisations to work together to sort out the detail of how the new structure would work.

“All I ask is when people are really knocking it, is to be constructive, come forward and don’t just kick it down the road,” she said.

Mrs Harlock said the reform was driven from the grassroots up – the JTT was responding to what was identified as the main issue through the dairy plan workshops and consultations.

“They (people) have had a big say … there’s been consultation,” she said.

“So now if they reject this and if they say ‘no way, this will never work’, then I will turn and say ‘so what will?’.

“To me, dairy is at the precipice. This is really the point of no return.

“If we don’t do something fairly radical now, dairy advocacy will wilt on the vine.

“R&D will still tick along, but we won’t achieve the transformative reform that we all know needs to happen.”

It was an involvement with the Dairy Industry Awards which spurred Hanna Stalker’s passion for the environment.
Back in 2016, she and her husband Callum won the Otago-Southland Share Farmer of the Year title and were third in the national final while 50% sharemilking at Otautau.

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