3rd fire since 1998 at Mirabel dairy farm, 2nd to cause deaths of more than 100 cows.
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A dairy farm in Mirabel, about 50 km north of Montreal, was almost completely destroyed in a fire overnight and 200 of its cows died. (Stéphane Grégoire/Radio-Canada)

A Mirabel dairy farm is considered a total loss after a fire engulfed its main structure and killed 200 cows.

The farm, which is called D’ancoeur and located on Lalande Road in the municipality about 50 km north of Montreal, suffered damages estimated at $4 million.

Firefighters say the fire started around 11 p.m. Sunday and quickly engulfed the farm’s main structure.

“I was in the stable for 10 minutes and then — boom,” the farm’s owner, Éric Dumontier told Radio-Canada, shaken.

Neighbours tried to help Dumontier save the cows, but the fire was too big.

Farm owner Éric Dumontier said the fire had engulfed the main structure within minutes. (Stéphane Grégoire/Radio-Canada)

Firefighters believe an electrical problem caused the fire.

It’s not the first time the dairy farm has battled a serious fire. Another one destroyed the same building in 2013, killing 150 cows at the time. There was also a fire in 1998.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has teamed up with Calon Wen, and wants other dairy farms to join in.

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