A few days ago, Wang Xiaoqi, a web-based writer from China, published an article titled “Six major sins of Mengniu and Yili, which the media dare not tell, so I’ll tell”.
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Long-life milk in China filled with additives, preservatives. (Getty Images photo)

The article exposes the decades-long history of China’s two dairy giants, Mengniu and Yili, accusing them of adding various chemicals, such as fatty powder, whey powder, and melamine to their milk when their gross profits were as high as 70% or even 80%, making such practices a tacitly recognized hidden policy of the country’s major dairy enterprises.

The article also revealed that the two companies had pushed for changes in national dairy standards and lowered the quality and quantity requirements of milk products for their own benefit. The article also accused the two companies of having a poor production environment, deliberately raising the price of milk powder, exploiting dairy farmers, and neglecting the interests of consumers, resulting in a “complete decay of China’s dairy industry from its source to its end”.

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