EVENTS such as SIAL are more important than ever to the UK dairy industry, senior exports manager at AHDB Dairy, Lucy Randolph said.
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Following the Covid-19 pandemic, Ms Randolph said it has been important for exporters to update their contacts, with exhibitions such as SIAL Paris allowing exporters to get in front of people after years apart and find out who, what and where things might have changed.

AHDB will also be attending a joint meat and dairy event in Miami in November.

North America and Canada was a strong market, with other areas of focus including the Middle East, Asia and China.

With a five-year plan to have an AHDB Dairy representative in each of these markets, North America was the first country with an agent looking after the exports.

She said the flavours in British Cheddar were ’second to none and other countries cannot seem to replicate that’.

“There is a Canadian Cheddar, but we are told by Canadians and Americans themselves that our Cheddar is head and shoulders above the rest.”

Ms Randolph said the UK is respected in terms of animal welfare and food safety, therefore there is a huge demand for British produce, however both were hard markets and incredibly competitive.

To protect its dairy industry, Canada enforces a quota which only allows a certain amount of cheese and dairy products to be imported.

Ms Randolph added: “Because of Brexit, we moved from being in the EU quota to the non-EU quota. As a result, we need to make sure we can maintain that supply.

“Our quota is currently 1.8 million kilos of cheese exported to Canada annually and we need to make sure that gets moved into the new quota situation.”

Negotiations will take place this November, with a decision made on the quota by next year.

Standing in a field surrounded by dairy cows was not the way Christy Underwood imagined her life would go.

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