The Christmas-themed flavours include mince pie and Irish cream.
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Farmer Peter Hockridge with his festive shots (Image: The Milkiosk)

Fancy something a little bit different on your cornflakes? Well, a North Devon farmer has started selling festive milk.

The unusual flavours which include mince pie, double Irish cream and seriously nutty are a series of Christmas specials are available from the Milkiosk – a vending machine that dispenses cool, fresh milk straight to the public.

It’s situated at High Park Farm in Littleham, near Bideford.

The Milkiosk was set up in 2018 by farmer Peter Hockridge, whose family have been farming at High Park since 1936.

And now to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year, Peter has introduced a range of shots that can be added to the milk.

The Milkiosk
The taste of Christmas, fresh from the farm (Image: The Milkiosk)

A litre of milk costs £1 and customers can also purchase re-fillable glass bottles for £1.50, or bring their own containers.

The flavours cost 50p a shot.

Peter says the current top Christmas tipple is Irish cream.

“It’s essentially Baileys, just not as sweet or alcoholic,” he said.

As well as the new Christmas additions, other more traditional flavours are available including strawberry, chocolate, salted caramel and vanilla.

“My favourite is vanilla as it’s like drinking Hockings ice cream,” said Peter.

Unlike shop-bought milk, the milk from the Milkiosk is not homogenised or standardised, so the cream rises to the top.

The Milkiosk
It’s beginning to taste a lot like Christmas at the Milkiosk (Image: The Milkiosk)
Reusable bottles are used to fill up from the Milkiosk vending machine
Reusable bottles are used to fill up from the Milkiosk vending machine

All the milk is produced and pasteurised within 25 metres.

It’s renowned locally for its superior taste, which Peter attributes to the gentle way in which it’s pasteurised – at 63 degrees for half an hour, instead of the usual 72 degrees for 15 seconds.

The festive flavours will be available until the New Year – supplies permitting.

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