PLANS have been submitted for a milk vending machine in the car park of Salisbury Rugby Club.
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Launch of the new Nunton Farm milk vending machine at Bird and Carter Farm Shop DC8751P8 Picture by Tom Gregory.

The machine will be operated by Nunton Farm Partnership, which already has three other machines – one at Nunton Farm, one outside the Bull Hotel in Downton, and one in South Street car park in Wilton.

The applicants say they have full consent from the land owners and the rugby club – who use the car park for members.

The machine would occupy an area of three by four meters – roughly two car park spaces.

The application adds: “The use of the parking spaces would therefore be changed from parking to selling food: Primarily milk, but also including other local food produced near to Salisbury and reusable glass bottles used to contain the milk.

Salisbury Journal:

‘A great success’

In the planning statement John Martin, of Nunton Farm, said: “Each [of the other machines] have proven to be a great success and this application seeks to expand the enterprise to provide local milk to other customers within Salisbury.

“The proposed structure is modest in scale and is constructed so as to be portable so that if required it can be easily moved for reasons of repair or updating of equipment. Being modest in size and constructed with natural materials it is not dominating or intrusive in the street scene.

“The location is ideal for use by the local community and market research using social media has been encouraging.”

Salisbury Journal:

Mr Martin adds that the position within the car park would not impact on vehicle movements in and out of the car park and is positioned to allow easy replenishment of milk and washing waste.

He said: “This is a truly sustainable form of development that should be encouraged. The Council is therefore requested to approve this application and to allow the instillation of this valuable community asset.”

Report reinforces progress across environmental impact, animal care nutrition and food security.

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