Muscat – Mazoon Dairy, the flagship dairy company of the sultanate, is planning to double the size of the herd on its farm and boost production capacity of the factory as part of the development plans for the next five years.
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The company commemorated Oman’s annual Industry Day on Wednesday by highlighting its various milestones cemented since the start of operations in 2019. On the occasion, Mazoon Dairy Company also shed light on its noteworthy development plans for the next five years.

In a press statement, Ahmed Alghafri, chief support officer at Mazoon Dairy, said, “Mazoon Dairy has had a fruitful past year with exciting new developments moving forward as part of our long and short-term plans. Today we have established a strong position in the local market, as we have also managed to add variety to the unique products on shelves.”

“We are engaging in a holistic approach that is innovative and moves our industry standard more towards sustainability, without compromising on our efforts to ensure the highest level of quality during our operations,” he added.

Mazoon Dairy has focused on strengthening the scope of its promotional activities to reach wider segments of consumers in the local market. The company at present produces over 190 products, from fresh milk products of various flavors including laban, fresh juices, cheeses, ice creams and long-life dairy products.

The company showcased its mission to continue raising the local Omani industry standard and supporting the development of high-quality national industry in the field of dairy products.

Speaking about Mazoon Dairy’s future plans, Alghafri said, “We plan to significantly increase our production capacity during the next five years, which includes doubling the size of the herd on the farm and increasing the capacity of the factory. In addition, we also look to generate further job prospects for Omanis and create more opportunities for local industries.”

Mazoon Dairy’s state-of-the-art dairy farm currently provides for a capacity of 10,000 dairy cows in 15 temperature-controlled high-tech barns, managed at a steady 25 degrees Celsius. The integrated facility in As’Sunainah can produce over one million liters of milk in a day.

The company runs five laboratories with 25 full-time quality assurance employees to ensure the highest standards are obtained in the production and delivery of each product. The company performs over 100 tests daily during the manufacturing process to ensure overall safe conditions and the highest quality in the final results.

Mazoon Dairy Company has international accreditations in the areas of quality, customer and consumer satisfaction such as ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2017 compliance and is aligned with both local and international standards.

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