The pasture-raised milk from Organic Valley’s small family farms now can be found outside of the dairy aisle, too, in two smoothie mixes for new and expecting mothers.
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Photo: Organic Valley

The cooperative announced the launch of its new Prenatal and Postnatal Support Smoothie Mixes, which are made with organic ingredients, including dairy from cows that are raised free from antibiotics, toxic pesticides and added hormones.

The new smoothie mixes, when added to 8 oz of 2% milk as suggested by the company, provide a source of protein and essential nutrients. The prenatal mix includes DHA, folate and folic acid, while the postnatal variety has DHA plus fenugreek.

“At Organic Valley, we want to support families at every stage, and we didn’t see an easy, organic pre- and postnatal nutrition option for moms,” said Janie Felton, Organic Valley’s senior associate innovation manager. “And so we worked hand-in-hand with expecting and new moms, dietitians and OB-GYNs to develop the new Organic Valley smoothie mixes that can help moms meet their nutritional needs during their pregnancy journey.”

The Support Smoothie Mixes are shelf-stable and come in chocolate and vanilla flavors. The mixes can be shaken, blended or mixed with milk.

The new products come in 10 oz canisters, each containing mix for 14 servings. With a suggested retail price of $19.98 to $21.99, the smoothie mixes can be purchased at stores nationwide, as well as online at Organic Valley’s website.

An 85-year-old inspiration, Margaret Thompson heads into Maleny Buffalo’s dairy every day to keep her late husband Mal’s legacy alive.

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