OPINION: While the Labour government has banned NZ livestock exports, worth up to $500 million annually, their Australian counterparts have no such intentions.
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The Australian livestock export industry, which generates AU$2 billion-a-year, has distanced itself from the New Zealand industry, which has been banned from exporting livestock by sea, the ban being phased in over two years.

The Australian Government says it has no plans to ban livestock exports. New Zealand’s move is expected to help Australian farmers win lucrative trade deals with China, which had been spending big on our dairy breeding heifers.

While Australian exporters are sympathetic to the plight of their Kiwi colleagues, and disappointed by the ban, they are looking forward to sending more livestock to buyers overseas, with support from their government that believes animal welfare standards are adequate.

The Bumblebee Conservation Trust has teamed up with Calon Wen, and wants other dairy farms to join in.

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