Two protesters have poured milk on an expensive display of cheese in Selfridges food court.
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'Parmesan-hating' protesters
'Parmesan-hating' protesters JPG:Protesters poured milk over a display in Selfridges. Picture: Animal Rebellion

Animal Rebellion said the action by protesters targeting Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason was calling for a “transition to a plant-based future.”

Video footage posted online by the group shows a man and a woman pouring milk over a table piled high with cheese, including an entire wheel of parmesan.

Julia Sitkovetsky shared footage of the incident online writing: “Interesting protest today in the food court @Selfridges.

“Pouring milk over the cheese display. Veganism? Anti-dairy? You hate Parmesan?

“Is wasting food really the way to go right now during a cost of living crisis?

“Now the hardworking staff have to clean up your entirely random mess.

“If you’re protesting against the rich or whatever, this ain’t the way to go. I used to work at Selfridges, I can tell you now- nobody who works here is rich.”

Hardcore Vegan wrote on Twitter: “Excellent work guys”

Fonterra Cooperative Group, the world’s biggest dairy exporter, raised its earnings forecast for the second time in three months after a strong first quarter driven by demand for protein products.

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