The Tamil Nadu Milk Producers' Association has planned to hold a state-wide protest on August 31 in order to attract the government's attention to meet their demands.
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For representational purpose (Photo/livechennai)

The demands include an increment of Rs 10 per litre rise in milk procurement price hike in the milk procurement price were false. They further added that the prices were last increased since 2019, as of Cow milk was hiked by Rs 4 to Rs 32 and buffalo milk prices were boosted by Rs 6 to Rs 41 and after later, it hasn’t been raised.

In the meantime, they mentioned that the pandemic has brought tough times to every people’ live and similarly, the milk farmers are financially facing a tough time. However, Aavin’s subsidised fodder supply was recently halted, rising production costs. While adding to this they made a point of saying and clearly mentioning that the government should raise the purchasing price for cow and buffalo milk to Rs 42 and Rs 51 per litre, respectively.

The association also wanted clarification from the government that if it would reimburse Aavin for its losses incurred as a result of the DMK government’s recent downfall in milk prices. According to their estimated ideas, they had anticipated that Aavin will have to face loss of Rs 270-300 crore per year as a result of the decision. Aavin has already suffered losses of over Rs 1,000 as a result of the previous government’s faulty policies.

Mohamed Ali, secretary of the Milk Producers Association said that the AIADMK administration expanded the number of milk unions from 17 to 25 and hired approximately 600 workers, resulting in an increase in Aavin’s operating costs. If Aavin loses Rs 300 crore every year, payments to milk farmers would suffer, and the federation will finally shut down.

They also remarked that the officials who collaborate with private actors to stifle Aavin should be fired.



Dairy products and, in particular, grass-fed products are performing strongly post-covid in overseas markets.

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