Raw milk sold in Elizabethville and Lykens in Dauphin County may be contaminated with listeria bacteria, according to state officials.
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The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is recommending that consumers discard raw milk from BeiHollow farm in upper Dauphin County after testing detected listeria bacteria.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture is urging people who purchased the BeiHollow raw whole milk or chocolate milk between Oct. 12 and Oct. 21 to throw it away.

“Tests following a report of potential listeria contamination confirmed the presence of listeria monocytogenes bacteria,” the Department of Agriculture said in a news release.

The department also said consumers should discard pasteurized cheese melt and cup cheese sold in that time frame for the same reason.

The milk was sold in plastic half- and three-quarter gallons. The cheese melt and cup cheese were sold in various sizes.

“The producer would not supply a list of other locations where the products were sold,” the Department of Agriculture said.

Dairy farmers still reeling from floods have been given a helping hand, with the state and federal governments locking in funding for key projects to prepare for the next disaster.

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