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United States |12 junio, 2019

code | Record Sire Identification by NAAB Code

To ensure the accuracy of sire summaries, dairy farmers and A.I. service technicians are urged to record sire identification using the National Association of Animal Breeders (NAAB) code printed on the semen straw.

“NAAB assigns different marketing codes to AI organizations for use on conventional and sexed semen,” explains Duane Norman, a technical advisor with the Council for Dairy Cattle Breeding. “Bulls marketed with both conventional and sexed semen are usually assigned different NAAB codes for various semen type.

“Accuracy of fertility evaluation depends on properly accounting for whether a unit of sexed- or conventional semen was used. The best way to be certain this information is accounted for accurately is to record the bull’s NAAB code from the semen straw,” he says.

For example, a conventional straw of semen from the Jersey bull Dutch Hollow Oliver-P is NAAB code 007JE12191. For the sexed-version of his semen, the NAAB code 507JE12191.

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