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Australia |15 mayo, 2019

Dairy | Report identifies Dairy Plan issues

It is vital that all sides now pull together to agree a roadmap of priorities and actions…

RAPIDLY evolving markets, increasingly squeezed profit margins and the need for changing mindsets are three of the issues raised ahead of a series of seminars looking to develop the Australian Dairy Plan.

A new report on the state of Australia’s dairy sector has highlighted the impact of recent difficult times in the dairy industry, which insiders say point to the need for the Dairy Plan.

The Australian Dairy Situation Analysis was produced by partner organisations of the Australian Dairy Plan to inform discussions at over 20 nationwide consultation workshops in May and June, starting this week.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Australian Dairy Plan Independent Chair John Brumby said the report provided a snapshot of the current state of Australia’s dairy industry.

«While flagging many positive factors for the industry that point toward a positive future, the report also provides an honest assessment of challenges that we hope will be addressed during the course of the consultations,» he said.

«Market volatility, challenging conditions on farm and a breakdown in trust between farmers and processors have taken a toll on where the industry stood a decade ago.

«It is vital that all sides now pull together to agree a roadmap of priorities and actions, in order to reset the direction and confidence of the industry.»

Mr Brumby said the existing challenges were «bigger and more complex» than those the industry had ever faced.

«If we are to write the next chapter of dairy’s story, we not only need to be honest about the issues we face, but also open to taking difficult decisions and supporting radical change if required,» he said.

«A series of over 20 nationwide consultation workshops commence next week and we are calling on everyone in dairy to get involved and get your views heard.»

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