A third Victorian processor has joined in the latest round of milk price step-ups.
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ANOTHER STEP-UP: Canadian dairy giant Saputo Dairy Australia has advised its suppliers it has revised its minimum milk prices, effective from July 1.

Canadian dairy giant Saputo Dairy Australia has advised its suppliers it has increased its minimum milk price by 10 cents, effective from July 1.

SDA supplier relations director Anthony Cook has told farmers its upped its price by seven cents a kilogram for butterfat and 14c/kg protein.

“On this basis, the revised opening weighted average farm gate milk price for the southern milk region is $6.95/kg milk solids,” Mr Cook said.

The opening weighted average farm gate price included the monthly milk quality bonus, productivity payment, off-peak payment and monthly northern region payment.

SDA opened at $6.65/kg MS on June 1, jumping to $6.85/kg MS on June 4.

SDA joins Bulla and Lactalis in announcing price increases in the last week.

Bulla stepped up for the third time, since it opened in April, late last week.

Bulla has told suppliers it’ll pay another 15 cents a kilogram milk solids, across the four bands it offers.

It’ll now pay between $6.85/kg-$7.35/kg MS, after opening at $6.40/kg-$6.90/kg MS.

In May, Bulla increased the figure to $6.50/kg-$7.00/kg MS and $6.70/kg-$7.20/kg MS.

Bulla Dairy Foods general manager Rohan Davies told suppliers pricing would be automatically updated in the system.

“We are very grateful for the feedback, provided by our suppliers over the last two weeks to myself and field officers as other processors have continued to increase pricing,” Mr Davies said.

“Our family business is built on the consistent supply of fresh quality milk from across Victoria and we are committed to remaining competitive at the farmgate to secure the milk supply needed to grow our business into the future,” Mr Davies said.

“Pricing will continue to be reviewed throughout the year and step-ups will be considered based on business performance and market conditions.”

Lactalis also increased its price by 10 cents weighted average for flat milk, comprising eight cents/kg butterfat and 12c/kg protein.

The processor increased its seasonal milk price for southern Victoria by 15c/kg MS.

Earlier this month, Lactalis opened with a $7.30/kg MS weighted average, which included a guaranteed $0.25/kg MS retail support

For Gippsland and the western districts that was $7.15/kg MS weighted average, which included a guaranteed $0.10/kg MS retail support.

Lactalis offered a seasonal milk supply agreement of $6.90/kg MS (predicted weighted average) for Gippsland and western Victoria.

“The price is the same for northern and southern Victoria, except our farms in the north receive more retailer drought support,” national milk supply manager Matt Morrow said.

Northern Victoria and southern NSW/ Riverina suppliers would now receive $7.40/kg MS weighted average.

“We hope this increased pricing supports our commitment to you to be paying a strong competitive price,” Mr Morrow said in a letter to suppliers.

Australian dairy farmers supplying milk to Fonterra could become part-owners of the co-operative’s business across the Tasman.

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