Saputo Cheese USA expanded its Las Cruces, NM, facility, creating four new string cheese manufacturing plants.
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Saputo expands New Mexico facility

The expansion project at the Las Cruces Innovation and Industrial Park created nearly 300 new full-time jobs, with capital investments of $30 million.

“Las Cruces is not only a welcoming community, but it is a strategic location for the distribution of cheese across the country,” said Hiram Roman-Chavez, Saputo Cheese’s director of human resources at the plant. “We are close to the border as well as dairies. And it’s a natural bridge to both California and Wisconsin.”

The City of Las Cruces provided $300,000 for the expansion through the Local Economic Development Act. The city also oversees the disbursement of $2.5 million from the State of New Mexico.

“This is a monumental project for the City of Las Cruces, and we applaud Saputo for their commitment to growth and expansion in Las Cruces,” said Ifo Pili, city manager of Las Cruces. “In addition to creating high-paying, full-time jobs in southern New Mexico, Saputo’s expansion helps us to bolster our agricultural industry and our local economy as a whole.”

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