The cheesemaker forms a dynamic partnership with these foodservice leaders as it expands its prowess in a key category
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When I think of cream cheese, it’s either in a cheesecake or on my bagel, but never in a pourable form! After talking with David Frey, Associate Marketing Manager, Savencia Cheese USA, I am now rethinking the possibilities this versatile product can produce. Savencia is rocking the foodservice sector as it targets the pizza division in its Rethink Cream Cheese initiative.

“We are currently showcasing the amazing possibilities our pourable cream cheese has to offer in our initiative, Rethink Pizza. The pourable cream cheese is unique, and it is continually gaining interest as it brings in that familiar cream cheese taste profile to a whole new place,” David explains. “We have had a number of smaller chains starting to see success utilizing pourable cream cheese to make new menu staples, such as Jalapeño Popper Pizza.”

To further bolster its standing in foodservice, Savencia teamed up with StarChefs’ foodservice industry leaders to explore the possibilities. Through the new partnership, culinary greats in the industry took a hand at the unique product.

“Our pourable cream cheese saw great success and found a new home in unique and delicious pizza and flatbreads,” continues David. “We wanted the opportunity to get at the truly creative nature of this cheese, and wanted to see what new culinary inventions would spring forth in the hands of top chefs from across America.”

Over 200 chefs submitted their take on Savencia’s Pourable cream cheese, and 10 were selected as the final winners of the event. The winners, and their unique creations, were:

– Gustavo Romero, Nixta Tortilleria, Minneapolis, Minnesota
– Tlayuda de Carne AsadaRobert Trevisanutto, Well Bread Restaurant Group, Tequesta, Florida
– Crab Rangoon FlatbreadKiki Aranita, Poi Dog, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
– Lomi Salmon LavoshDonny Farrell, Lettuce Entertain You, Chicago, Illinois
– Blini PizzaAndrea Solimeo, Pizza Gemelle, Nantucket, Massachusetts
– Winter Citrus Roman Style Pizza LeekBriana Volk, Portland Hunt + Alpine Club, Portland, Maine
– Nordic Bacon PizzaRalph Scarmadella, Tao Group Restaurant, New York City, New York
– Four-Cheese Asparagus White PizzaDaniel Cutler, Ronan, Los Angeles, California
– Charred Asparagus PizzaJacquelyn Carnesi, Roberta’s Pizza, Brooklyn, New York
– ‘Nduja & Roasted Sunchoke FlatbreadPatrick Havard, Omni Houston Hotel, San Antonio, Texas
– Spiced Salmon Potato Flatbread

While perfect for pizza, the pourable cream cheese is also great in ice cream, milkshakes, dips, spreads, and anywhere else cream cheese is—or isn’t—found. The product is available for foodservice only, and ships in two 3 lb tub cases.

Ideas are already churning, and I’m sure culinary greats in the foodservice industry are thinking the same. Catch the latest in dairy, deli, and specialty with Deli Market News as we bring you the latest.

Nominations are open for Fonterra’s board election but a repeat of the drama that rocked the vote three years ago can be ruled out.

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