The Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, presented the Tambero Impulse Program in the city of Villa María of Buenos Aires, which requires an investment of 9,160 million dollars to guarantee the supply of milk in the face of the severe drought that a large part of the regions productions are going through.
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Sergio Massa has announced a program of almost 10,000 million dollars to guarantee the supply of milk

The official program allows a fixed sum in pesos per liter of milk for four months, according to two strata: those who sold up to 1,500 liters per day will receive $15 per liter, and those who sold between 1,501 and 5,000 liters per day will receive $10 per liter.

The maximum compensation amount will be $600,000 per month per producer. And the monthly average of liters of milk sold between the months of October 2021 and September 2022 will be compensated.

As noted during the presentation the official, who together with the Secretary of Agriculture, Juan José Bahillo, this program reaches 8 out of 10 farmers.

In the presentation of the Program, Massa highlighted that in the last year, despite the crisis, the record for milk exports was broken with 1,700 million dollars, and it was the second year with the highest production.

However, the Minister of Economy said that “we are facing a climate crisis (due to drought) which affects the costs of our farmers, and that is why this Dairy Impulse program in the dairy basin. The state must be on the part of the producers to maintain production and export levels and, if possible, increase them”.

“We have come to return half of what the producers pay in withholding taxes, almost 10,000 million pesos to support power capacity for the next four months,” Massa added during the presentation.

For his part, Bahillo stressed that the program “is a recognition to a sector that deserves to always have it on the agenda. For its ability to add value, generate roots and bring in foreign currency.”

This week the liaison table had asked for urgent measures due to the problems that the dairy has been going through in recent years.

According to the connection tablethe farmer is the most vulnerable due to the price he receives for his raw milk. “The rest of the supply chain is financed with the bankruptcy of the tambero. The proposals made do not seem to sensitize the officials of the National Executive, who do not take on an unsustainable drama. At the moment we have not had any satisfactory response ”, they added.

Source: Clarin

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