Dairy farmers petition Chief Minister
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The Tamil Nadu Milk Producers’ Welfare Association submitted a petition to the Chief Minister requesting the State government to constitute an expert committee to determine the procurement price of milk and to revise the maximum retail price accordingly.

In the petition, the association demanded the Chief Minister to increase the procurement price as the cost of livestock feed had gone up. It wanted the procurement price of cow milk hiked from ₹ 32 to ₹ 42 and that of buffalo milk from ₹ 41 to ₹ 57.

The dairy farmers also sought to set up a seven-member expert committee with various stakeholders to determine the procurement price and selling price once a year.

The association wanted insurance coverage for animals supplying milk to cooperative unions, inclusion of milk in nutritious meal scheme, and to follow ISI formula for identifying quality of milk. The association also demanded the government to direct private dairies to procure milk at Aavin price.

Last month, 14 of our dairy farms in Maine, as well as dozens of dairy farms across northern New England, got an unexpected and disappointing notice from Danone of North America saying that they were discontinuing their contracts with our organic dairy farmers in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and elsewhere.

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