The health and comfort of dairy cattle are growing not only a business but could eventually grow job opportunities in Sidney, Neb.
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Dairy cattle relax on agri-sandsaver mats, made by Agri-Plastics in Sidney, Neb. Courtesy Photo

Agri-Plastics is seeing growth in its newest subsidiary company, Agri-Comfort, which supplies everything from rubber flooring to ComfortBrushes and cow mattresses to dairy farmers.
Cow mattresses are just what they sound like, mattresses for cows, which can benefit a dairy cow’s health.
“There have been studies, that have shown when cows that lay down longer, they can produce more milk, have better udder health, don’t get hoof lesions and are generally less stressed,” said Michelle Beier, marketing manager at Agri-plastics.
Growth in the Agri-Comfort product line also means the potential for building expansion and employment opportunities for specialized skill sets in machinery and technology at the Sidney plant.
Agri-plastics was founded in 1995 by the VanBuuren family, third-generation dairy farmers. They began experimenting with hutch designs to provide healthier, more comfortable environments for dairy calves and have grown to include Agri-Comfort products.
The company is also looking to get into housing for beef cattle.

The moods of many dairy producers have been boosted by the first quarter performance of their dairy. With significantly higher milk check prices year-over-year, most dairies are making profitable margins according to Trent Dado, independent dairy nutrition and management consultant with GPS Consulting.

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