The American Dairy Association North East is set to launch its Spring 2024 Virtual Farm Tours on February 14, with tours at three different farms. The virtual tours are designed to educate and engage students of various age groups, complemented by free, teacher-developed lesson plans that adhere to Common Core Standards.
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Spring 2024 Virtual Farm Tours: An Innovative Step by ADANE
Spring 2024 Virtual Farm Tours: An Innovative Step by ADANE

As the chill of winter begins to yield to the fresh bloom of spring, the American Dairy Association North East (ADANE) is gearing up to cultivate minds and hearts with its much-anticipated Spring 2024 Virtual Farm Tours. Slated to commence on Valentine’s Day, February 14, the virtual tours are a testament to the unceasing adaptability and innovation of educational methods in an increasingly digital era.

Continued Success of Virtual Farm Tours

Since their inception in 2018, ADANE’s Virtual Farm Tours have been a resounding success. Garnering over 600,000 views through live and recorded sessions, these tours have effectively bridged the gap between the farm and the classroom, allowing students across the nation to gain a first-hand glimpse into the everyday operations of dairy farming. This spring’s tour line-up promises to continue this legacy of experiential learning.

Upcoming Tour Schedule

The upcoming roster of tours features a diverse range of dairy farms. In the spirit of love and learning, the inaugural tour will be held at Wil-Roc Farms in Kinderhook, New York, on February 14. Subsequent tours will transport virtual visitors to Zahncroft Dairy, LLC in Womelsdorf, Pennsylvania, on April 9, and G&S Dairy in Harrington, Delaware, on April 10. Each farm will offer two separate sessions tailored to different educational levels, ensuring that the tours are both accessible and beneficial for all students.

Educational Components and Resources

Complementing these tours are free, teacher-developed lesson plans that adhere to Common Core Standards. These resources cater to students of various age groups, from elementary to high school. The lesson plans are designed to enrich the virtual tour experience, allowing students to delve deeper into the intricacies of dairy farming and its significance in our society. All these resources, including registration details for the upcoming tours and archived recordings of past tours, are readily available for download at under the ‘Virtual Farm Tours’ section.

In this fast-paced, digital world, the American Dairy Association North East continues to innovate and engage, ensuring that the next generation remains connected to the roots of agriculture. Through the Spring 2024 Virtual Farm Tours, they are not just presenting dairy farms but also sharing a narrative of sustainability, hard work, and the unbroken bond between nature and our daily lives.

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