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United States |7 mayo, 2021

Wisconsin | Support Wisconsin Dairy Farmers During National Dairy Month

Top Five Ways to Celebrate Our State’s Essential Farm Workers in June

MADISON, Wis., May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — During this challenging year, Wisconsin dairy farmers were deemed essential workers, committed to their communities by working every day to provide nutritious dairy products to help feed Americans, and this June is the time to honor them during National Dairy Month.

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin invites consumers to observe National Dairy Month by buying local dairy products to support the farmers who make Wisconsin America’s Dairyland and take pride in caring for their animals while preserving family farmland for future generations.

«National Dairy Month is the time to shine an even brighter light on all that’s special about Wisconsin’s $45.6 billion dairy industry and its hardworking dairy farmers,» said Suzanne Fanning, Senior Vice President of Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin and Chief Marketing Officer for Wisconsin Cheese. «Purchasing nutrient-packed dairy products with the Proudly Wisconsin Cheese® or Proudly Wisconsin Dairy® badge is an easy and impactful way to support Wisconsin dairy farmers.»

National Dairy Month activities will take place in-person and online. Here are the top five ways to celebrate Wisconsin’s local heroes:

  • Attend socially distant events. From homemade meals on the farm to drive-thru farm tours complete with carryout packages featuring local dairy products, there’s a slice of the celebration for everyone.
  • Participate in a virtual farm tour. For family entertainment, tune into a virtual tour of Scientific Holsteins family farm (Chippewa Falls) and see how dairy farmers care for their animals while preserving their family farmland for future generations.
  • Watch the ‘I’m A Wisconsin Dairy Farmer’ Documentary series. With 95% of Wisconsin dairy farms owned and operated by families, it’s important to spotlight the people leading the dairy industry forward. Through short, engaging videos, viewers will meet some of the families behind Wisconsin dairy and see first-hand how farming is a labor of love, land, cows, family and feeding the world.
  • Dish out the dairy. Make uniquely Wisconsin recipes with local dairy products that deliver both great taste and immune-boosting nutrients – like calcium, Vitamin A, vitamin D and protein – to help people of all ages achieve greater health and wellness.
  • Crank up the tunes. Turn on the National Dairy Month 2021 playlist on Spotify and bust out some cheesy dance moves while traveling to a dairy farm or enjoying award-winning Wisconsin Cheese.
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