Former minister and ex-PCC president Ponnala Lakshmaiah on Tuesday said neither the farmers, teachers, government employees nor the students and unemployed are happy in Telangana.
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Former minister Ponnala Lakshmaiah interacts with journalists in Hyderabad.

While the farmers are a confused lot due to the state government dictating to them not to grow paddy in the Rabi season, the students and unemployed are vexed with the government for neither filling up vacancies nor giving Rs 3,016 per month unemployment allowance.

The employees and teachers are demanding that the government take local status as the basis for affecting their transfers, the Congress leader said.

The most affected lot are the tenant farmers in the state who comprise 13 lakh but are not getting rythu bandhu scheme benefit nor MSP for their agriculture produce. But this TRS government is going to celebrate rythu bandhu achievement, he said.

“How can the TRS government allow a Gujarat-based private milk company to set up its unit in Telangana when the state-owned Vijaya Dairy has been doing a good job. Will it not adversely affect the income of Vijaya Dairy? The dairy industry is in doldrums due to lack of support and incentives from the government. And this government is celebrating rythu bandhu achievement, said Ponnala Lakshmaiah.

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