The devil's face has appeared in an image of bushfire smoke in regional Victoria Image was captured by the friend of Gippsland farmer Craig Calvert It emerged from the fires which left one dead and 28 missing in East Gippsland
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Pictured: the devil's face has appeared in an image of the bushfire smoke out of regional Victoria

The devil’s face has apparently appeared in the bushfire smoke out of regional Victoria, according to a dairy farmer.

Craig Calvert shared the photo showing the face coming from the smoke of the fires in East Gippsland.

The photo was captured by a friend of Mr Culvert’s as bushfires took hold of the region, including his farm near Sarsfield on Monday.

‘I’m not really into hokey pokey spooky stuff but there’s a big devil face right in the fire,’ he told Sunrise on Friday.

The 6th Generation Farmer spent 13 hours defending his property with his father where he described being hit five separate times, with fireballs jumping across the trees and fire so fierce it created a ‘white flame’.

He described being shocked after seeing the photo.

‘You won’t believe it, I don’t believe it,’ he said.

The farmer’s home was the only property left standing in the valley of Dirty Hollow, thanks in part to his family’s efforts and a last minute rescue from the Victorian Country Fire Authority.

He said he’s ‘very glad no-one got killed’ in the valley, although others in the greater East Gippsland area weren’t so lucky.

One person is confirmed dead and 28 people are still missing after fires tore through East Gippsland ahead of New Year’s Eve on Monday.

The mayor of East Gippsland Shire, Councillor John White told the Age he’s concerned about the welfare of those missing.

‘Are we going to see them walking up the road towards us? I don’t know,’ he said.

‘That’s a real worry, because that’s potentially people’s lives. You can put up another house, you can build new fences but you can’t bring people back.’

An 85-year-old inspiration, Margaret Thompson heads into Maleny Buffalo’s dairy every day to keep her late husband Mal’s legacy alive.

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