Australian sales of Sexcel sexed genetics has doubled in the past five months as dairy farmers reduce bobby calves and breed replacements from their most profitable cows.
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SNAKEOIL breeders: Neil and Simone Joliffe are the proud breeders of Currajugle SNAKEOIL, one of the most exciting sires to hit the market, and are pictured here with two SNAKEOIL milking daughters.

This comes as one of the country’s most popular Sexcel Holstein bulls, De-Su 12128 Tailor, held firm in the recent Australian Breeding Values (ABV) release.

With one of the highest scores for udders, at 112, Tailor has been the biggest selling ABS Sexcel and conventional sire in Australia during the past four months according to ABS’ Australian business operations manager Bruce Ronalds.

He said Tailor’s popularity was testament to his consistency.

He has added 74 milking daughters to his Australian proof and increased to 317 Balanced Performance Index (BPI).

“Tailor had a strong BPI and was identified as a top Australian sire back in April and now he’s improved again,” Mr Ronalds said.

“Dairy farmers have chosen him with confidence and are making the most of sexed Tailor to breed the next generation.

“With an increase in demand around the world Sexcel’s improved conception rates mean farmers now have confidence using it to join their cows, no longer is sexed genetics just for heifers.”

Mr Ronalds said dairy farmers could create their own certainty in their breeding program as nine of the top 21 Australian-proven Holsteins sires in this ABV release belonged to ABS.

This success is a credit to the vigorous testing to ensure the bulls work consistently on Australian farms, according to Mr Ronalds.

De-Su 13530 Seville, with a BPI$ of 391 ranked number four on the Interbull list, he is yet to receive an Australian proof, as he only has 15 daughters milking in Australia.

“With a short gestation, 10 days less than the breed average, he stands out from the pack,” Mr Ronalds said.

“He’s perfect to tighten-up calving, to use over later calving cows.”

Another new standout proven sire is 29HO17334 Wilder Hamlet.

With a BPI$ of 347, he’s one of the few black, A2 sires that also has exceptional functional type, Mr Ronalds said.

“There aren’t many that have a Dairy Strength of 103, Rump Composite at 101, Overall Type 109 and Mammary at 107,” he said.

New bull on the block

He might be called Snakeoil, but there’s absolutely nothing deceiving about one of the most exciting new Holstein sires to hit the market.

Bred in NSW, Currajugle Snakeoil is the son of one of Australia’s most loved Holstein bulls – Seagull-Bay MVP.

Snakeoil’s production has turned heads.

“It’s phenomenal, he’s 1.12 per cent of milk fat, I’ve never heard of a bull so high,” Mr Ronalds said.

“I don’t think I’ve seen a bull with more than one per cent.

“His protein is 0.64 per cent, that’s almost double other bulls.

“The cow family averages about nine per cent solids, it’s incredible and important for the bottom-line.”

With 25 milking daughters in Australia, the five-year-old will soon receive an Australian proof.

Genomic giants

29HO19378 FB 53 Kenobi Giannis is a Holstein sire that ticks all the boxes.

Black in colour, A2 and scoring 105 for Calving Ease and 111 for Daughter Fertility – he was perfect for anyone looking for an all-round bull, Mr Ronalds said.

Hot off the success of outcross Sexcel Jersey sire 29JE4213 Forest Glen Craze TRIPP – 206 BPI$ – ABS has introduced 29JE4195 ABS Marine to the Australia market this year.

With a 166 BPI$, positive daughter fertility and extreme teat length – 107 – he was what Jersey breeders had been asking for, according to Mr Ronalds.

“He’s a CRAZE son, so an outcross to VALENTINO and TBONE, which are common bloodlines in Australia,” he said.

“Since we bought TRIPP into Australia as an outcross, we’ve hardly been able to keep up with demand.

“Australian farmers want an outcross and Marine is their answer.”

One of the few Jerseys with a positive score for milk components, new bull CSCMOTOWN (Murray Brook MOTOWN) has entered the genomic ABV rankings at number 16.

Western Victorian-bred, he is a half-brother to the popular CSCJAMIEO and is a standout for Type at 107. Known for his teat length, he is also 109 for udders.

Gippsland-bred CSCTOYOTA (Auburn Vale TOYOTA), 243 BPI$, boasts a 108 for Daughter Fertility – the highest in the top 11 genomic Jersey bulls.

Top-class reds

Australian dairy farmers are seeing red – and loving it.

ABS sales of Red-breed semen have doubled, with the first sexed Red bull 252NR11690 ROEN leading the charge.

Ranked at number one on the Health Weighted Index (HWI) and number two with a BPI of 275, ROEN also has breed-leading Daughter Fertility at 111.

Sold under the REDX™ brand – using the same technology as Sexcel® – he is proving his value on-farm.

252NR11819 ONSTAD P, sitting just one Australian Selection Index (ASI) point behind Australia’s top Red bull, is heterozygous polled, 106 for Type and 260 BPI$.

“Normally bulls this good are kept for use back in Norway, but they are making BRUMUNDDAL PP available. Great news for Australian farmers,” Mr Ronalds said.

“He is A2, heterozygous polled and the highest Norwegian bull available at 34 Total Merit.”

The introduction of BRUMUNDDAL PP follows the Australian success of fellow Norwegian high-ranked, heterozygous polled, A2 Red bull 252NR12009 MAURSTAD PP who is also now available in REDX.

Milk price predictions continue to rise with ANZ bumping up its 2021-22 forecast by 60c yesterday to $8.80/kg ms.

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