The UK-New Zealand trade agreement is a 'blow' for UK dairy as it will create an unbalance in market opportunities, a trade association has warned.
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Black and white milking cows graze and rest in a field on a dairy farm in New Zealand

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the deal on Wednesday evening (20 October), saying the development would ‘benefit consumers and businesses’.

Tariffs on New Zealand dairy, the country’s largest export commodity, along with sheep meat and beef exports to the UK will gradually be phased out.

They will be completely removed from dairy products after five years, and 15 years for sheep meat and beef.

According to the New Zealand government’s statistics, dairy is the country’s biggest export earner – worth about NZ$19 billion a year.

While farming groups there have hailed the trade agreement, industry bodies in the UK have raised concern over its impact.

B.C. dairy farmers are working against time to get milk to processors to meet market demand following the catastrophic flooding that washed out portions of the highway to the coast.

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