(WKBT) – The USDA Recently announced additional aid to dairy farmers and producers as part of the USDA Pandemic Assistance for Producers initiative.
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The plan would include $400 million for the new Dairy Donation Program to address food insecurity and mitigate food waste and loss.

Additional pandemic payments targeted to dairy farmers have demonstrated losses that have not been covered by previous pandemic assistance.

About $580 million is going for supplemental Dairy Margin Coverage for small and medium farms.

“We had a huge market disruptions during the pandemic,” Senator Tammy Baldwin (D) Wisconsin said. “We had virtual shutdown of food industry purchases, cheese for example.”

Baldwin supported the federal funding for this program through the American Rescue Plan and other COVID relief measures.

The high court on Friday dismissed a public interest litigation (PIL) alleging that the Lakshadweep administration is trying to bring about a meat ban in the archipelago and promote dairy products of a Gujarat based firm.

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