The trials and tribulations of co-op farming are at the centre of ABC’s newest documentary.
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Murray Goulburn is close to being wound up.

Called Fightback Farmers, the documentary follows north-east Victorian dairy co-op Mountain Milk, as well as a winemaker, pasta maker, lobster fisherman and ex-tobacco growers.

All are co-op farmers and fishers who discuss their struggle to bring their businesses back from the brink and stay on the land.

The documentary went to air on June 15 and remains on ABC iview.

In the documentary, Mountain Milk chair Stuart Crosthwaite explains how the co-op farming method saved multiple alpine valleys dairy farms after the collapse of processor Murray Goulburn.

“We’re a bunch of farmers one day, and the next we’re all coming together to form a co-op,” Mr Crosthwaite said.

Fellow dairy farmers Teresa Hicks and Scott Mckillop also appear in the documentary.

Fightback Farmers executive producer Steve Bibbs said the documentary asked the question: why are small family farms disappearing?

“I wanted to meet some of these small farming families — the great characters — who are going back to the future,” Mr Bibbs said.

“These farmers and fishers are turning back the clock in a new take on the old way of working together.

“As we discover, they’re trying to stand strong in the face of adversity.”

The documentary received funding from the Co-operative Farming Project from the Federal Government’s Starting Farm Co-operatives Program.

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