LATE next month, the UDV Conference will be held for the first time since 2019, which I am sure many dairy farmers throughout Victoria will be looking forward to after last year's event was unfortunately cancelled.
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For many of us, the 2021 conference will represent the first opportunity in a long time to get together and discuss the current landscape of the Victorian dairy industry.

Whilst many of us have enjoyed one of the best seasons in years, there is little doubt that as an industry we are facing a number of issues and challenges ahead.

We must ensure our industry maintains and builds the confidence needed to prosper in the years ahead.

Issues such as the diversification of dairy businesses, industry reform and sourcing a workable solution to the labour shortages which confront us will no doubt be front and centre of many discussions.

As important as it is to get together as an industry again and discuss pressing issues, I’m also pleased to announce legendary Australian Rules footballer and dairy industry ambassador Jonathan Brown will be a valued and welcome guest speaker at the conference this year.

Having grown up in south-west Victoria and with family links to the dairy industry, dairy continues to be a huge part of his heritage and background.

He is well aware of the enormous contribution our industry not only makes to the economy but importantly the vital role it plays in the fabric of many country towns throughout Victoria.

I encourage all interested farmers to come along to the event. It’s on Friday May 28 at ZINC, Federation Square, Melbourne and is free for all farmers to attend.

Further information, including the link to register, is available on the VFF website at or call 1300 882 833. I look forward to seeing you there.

Australian dairy farmers supplying milk to Fonterra could become part-owners of the co-operative’s business across the Tasman.

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