It’s a bovine-centric version of “The Matrix” that may seem far from reality. But some cows in Israel and elsewhere are living in virtual reality.
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Source: Dairy Herd Management

Israeli dairy farmer Izzet Kocak purchased two virtual reality headsets for cattle from a Russian manufacturer after seeing them demonstrated by the Russian entity. He was looking for ways to increase milk production to offset high feed prices.

The headsets transport indoor-housed cows virtually to a setting of calming green pastures, which is believed to give them an emotional boost. Kocak also plays classical music in the barn while cows are wearing the headsets.

Kocak ran a mini-trial on his farm to measure the impact the headsets had on milk production. After 10 days of wearing the devices, the two test cows’ milk production increased by about 22%, from 48.5 pounds per day to 59.5 pounds per day. He said milk quality also improved.

The developers reportedly collaborated with veterinarians in Russia to make sure the headsets were safe for cows. Kocak is so impressed with the results that he has ordered 10 more devices.

Bega’s Better Farms Program supports eligible dairy farmers’ by offering up to $1.1 million worth of financial grants each year.

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