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New Zealand |21 agosto, 2019

Dairy | Why dairy farmers should remain positive

There is a lot going on both on and off-farm for dairy farmers at the moment, and it’s important to look out for each other says Dr Tim Mackle.

One way to stay positive is to remember how impressive New Zealand’s dairy industry is, DairyNZ’s chief executive told The Country’s Jamie Mackay.

«Amidst the challenges we’ve got, [there’s] a lot of Government change going on and there’s all these other things coming into play around food and stuff – we’ve got to remember we’re in a fantastic industry producing a highly nutritious product that actually the rest of the world wants».

«I think that’s the thing we’ve got to hold on to».

Listen to «Dr Tim Mackle on why dairy farmers should remain positive» on Spreaker.

Mackle admitted there was still work to be done, but that was where strategies such as ‘Dairy Tomorrow’ come into play.

«For me it’s about acknowledging that actually [the] milk price is pretty good at the moment, we’ve got a great product, we’ve got a strategy to keep moving forward, but then it’s about supporting each other too».

«I think that’s one of the great things about our sector is farmers and others supporting each other and making sure you get help if you need it».

Also in today’s interview: Mackle looks at the challenge of maintaining a low-carbon footprint and discusses the current focus on winter grazing.

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