Wilk, a company developing cell-based human and animal milk and milk components, has been awarded patent approval for “Methods and Systems for In-vitro Milk Production” from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, making the company an exclusive patent holder for research methods and technologies for cultured milk and breastmilk production.
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Wilk is developing industrial processes for producing both human and animal milk from milk-producing mammary cells. Its technology enables the manufacture of cultured milk – with all its components and ingredients.

The patent covers the methods and systems required for these processes. Resulting benefits will include, for the first time, the ability to produce real milk without the need for animals, real breastmilk from human mammary cells, and the systems and processes that simplify the separation of milk components from the cultured cells in a manner that will maximize efficiency.

“We are delighted to have been granted this patent approval, the culmination of years of intensive investment in research and development, and the confidence it displays in Wilk’s processes for producing cultured cell-based milk,” said Tomer Aizen, CEO of Wilk. “This will help to further establish our reputation as a leader in the field of cell-based milk production, while bringing us one step closer to the ultimate goal of revolutionizing the dairy industry.”

The patent provides the required long-term protection and reinforcement of the Wilk’s intellectual property and IP protection systems. The company is submitting additional applications for patent approvals, including one for “Methods for Increasing the Production of Milk in a Cultured System”. Details of this request focus on methods for growing cells in a culture and overcoming the factors that currently limit the level of secretion to facilitate the increased production of essential milk components.

As the company’s R&D continues to progress with developing cell cultures with increased yields of all milk components, Wilk is planning for future production of both regular cultured milk and specially cultured human breastmilk that possess the key components that nurture infant health and development.

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