Did you know that some chewing gums contain dairy products?
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It is well known that dairy products are of very good use for an infinity of products, but there are certain foods that you did not even imagine that they had this sacred component among their finishes.

Particulate milk provides many nutrients, in addition to water and minerals. It is rich in proteins and sugars, important for the organism. Among the proteins are casein, various seroglobulins and albumins, as well as other useful proteins such as lactoferrin. Of the sugars, lactose (made up of glucose and galactose) is important. It provides a large amount of calcium and other minerals such as phosphorus and potassium.

It also contains vitamins and some digestive enzymes. All these components make it very useful for the organism. Regarding fats, they belong to those derived from foods of animal origin, many of them saturated (more harmful), being present in abundance and that has determined the appearance of modified milks according to that fat content.

Therefore, today eDairy Market brings you the creepiest products that contain dairy and you didn’t know:

1) Hot Dogs and Sausages:

Comer hot-dogs podría restarte 36 minutos de vida, estudio

Strange, isn’t it? Even “all-meat” hot dogs sometimes contain dairy products, as do sausages and even cold cuts.


2) Margarine:

Is it better to use butter or margarine in desserts? Here are all the answers

Margarine looks like a non-dairy alternative to butter, but it is not. Many margarines add lactose to mimic that buttery taste.


3) Salad dressings:

15+ Healthy Salad Dressing Recipes You Should Make at Home | Wholefully

Yes, those creamy salad dressings can get their creamy texture from lactose. Reduced-sugar dressings, in particular, rely on added lactose to add a sweet, rich flavor.


4) Flavored potato chips:

Homemade Potato Chips Recipe: How to Make It

Most plain chips, such as potatoes or corn, are dairy-free. But flavored varieties, from sour cream and onion to cheddar cheese, do contain dairy.


5) Medicine and Vitamins:

Can You Really Overdose on Vitamins?

According to GoDairyFree.com , lactose is used as the basis for more than 20% of prescription drugs and about 6% of vitamins and over-the-counter medications.


6) Canned tuna:

Is Canned Tuna Bad for You?

Here is one of the most surprising dairy-containing foods. Some brands of canned tuna add casein, a milk protein, to the tuna as a filler.


7) Soup and Broth:

15 Broth Based Soups Recipes | Fine Dining Lovers

Canned or boxed soups and meat or vegetable broths may contain some type of dairy products, often milk solids. This includes the obvious cream of soup.


8) Chewing gum:

Les chewing-gums anti-covid-19 fonctionnent-ils vraiment ?

One of the most surprising sources of dairy products may be chewing gum. Look for “Recaldent,” sometimes found in Trident, or casein on the label.


Did you know any of these facts?



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