Driver forced out, vehicle set alight.
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L'autocisterna del latte ovino dato alle fiamme nel Nuorese, ad Irgoli, 6 marzo 2019. ANSA/ VIGILI FUOCO ++HO -NO SALES EDITORIAL USE ONLY++

The latest in a series of armed attacks on trucks carrying milk took place in Sardinia on Wednesday, sources said.
Two armed men with their heads covered stopped a truck at Irgoli, near Nuoro, forced the driver to get out and set light to the vehicle, according to the sources.
Around 10 attacks like this have taken place in Sardinia over the last month. The attack took place hours before an assembly nearby on the price of milk, following weeks of big protests on the island by dairy farmers, who say they are no longer earning enough to get by.

Donkey milk may seem like a trendy newcomer to the dairy market, but it has been around for thousands of years. It has recently regained popularity, especially in some parts of Europe, attracting both adventurous eaters, who want to try new foods and drinks, as well as those trying natural, healthy food.

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